clients REVIEWS

Duncan Strong

For the first time in my life I look forward to getting a haircut. Jeff's skill, diligence and thoughtfulness are a delight to experience. My only complaint is that he does not charge enough so I have to awkwardly tip him excessively every time :)

Joshua Topnik

Visiting Jeff & J hair Design is not just a haircut, it is an experience. Coffee, cookies and great company are just some of the reasons that keep me coming back. I live in Langley and there are NO concerns about driving to Port Moody for Jeff's expertise with scissors and straight edge shaving.

salar ss

Amazing first impression, came in with pictures and not only did Jeff meet my expectations, but surpassed them. Discovered this place online and after reading the reviews it was settled. Although I didn't know what to expect, his previous years of expertise showed straight away. Good conversation and an artistic finish, before I even knew it i was walking out with a smile knowing where I'd visit next time for a cut.

Zoe Na

Although I haven't read a lot of reviews about female cuts, I decided to give Jeff a chance since my previous hairdresser got too busy to pay attention to the details of my hair.
I have the typical thick(er) asian hair, which some caucasian hairdressers difficult to cut. I told Jeff exactly what I wanted and I had a pretty good feeling that he would be able layer my hair properly since Persian hair is very similar to asian hair. I wanted lots of layers to make my head feel lighter and Jeff asked the right questions about length, layering & how i usually wear my hair..etc
In the end I was very happy with my haircut. I will definitely visit Jeff again.