Please read the text below carefully to see what we are doing to protect you and keep our atmosphere safe.

We will be wearing masks and gloves.
We will wipe down the chair between each client.
We will spray sanitizer on our cap and tools spatially clipper’s blades.
We already installed a shield on the front desk.
We already cover our bank terminal with plastic wrap to easily sanitize it after each transaction.
We will offer customers to e-transfer if they are not comfortable with touching the bank terminal.
We are not going to have shampooing.
We will reduce the number of chairs in the waiting area from 4 to 2 to keep the 2 meter distance.
We will have sanitizer right on the front for entrance.
We will ask the customer to stay outside until their barber is fully ready for him/her.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to talk as much as before.
We are not going to offer coffee, tea, and water.
We are not going to have any magazines.
Customers have to bring their own masks.
If you are feeling sick and have symptoms of the flu, please cancel your appointment.
I hope the customers who are feeling sick cancel their appointments.
Thank you for reading the precautions that have set to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the community.

Stay safe and healthy.